Fund 2018-09-25 Daily Return Monthly Return Yearly Return
Alfa Aktiv 0.22 % -0.29 % 11.29 %
Alfa Axiom Fund 0.60 % -1.02 % 0.09 %
Alfa Quant Fund -0.21 % -0.16 % -12.97 %
Alfa Sigma Opportunities 0.01 % 0.65 % -11.19 %
Alfa Event Arbitrage Fund  -0.50% 0.18 % -0.87 %

Alfa Aktiv


Alfa Aktiv is a fundamental hedge fund that invests in stock indices in Sweden (OMX) and globally. The exposure towards the indices varies from 0-200 % and the fund is denominated i SEK. The fund manager is Bengt Lindblad.

Alfa Axiom Fund


Alfa Axiom Fund is a quantitative trend-following hedge fund that focuses on trading financial futures contracts listed on global futures exchanges. The underlying asset classes are commodities, stock indexes, interest-related instruments and currencies.

Alfa Sigma Opportunities


Alfa Sigma Opportunities

Alfa Quant Fund


Alfa Quant Fund är en multistrategifond som investerar i Alfakrafts singelstrategier. Målet är att ge en hög riskjusterad avkastning utan korrelation med traditionella tillgångsslag som aktier och räntor.

Alfa Event Arbitrage


Alfa Event Arbitrage Fund