Fund 2017-11-17 Daily Return Monthly Return Yearly Return
Alfa Aktiv 0.05 % 0.08 % 4.78 %
Alfa Axiom Fund 0.28 % -0.43 % -3.26 %
Alfa Quant Fund 0.05 % -0.26 % -6.82 %
Alfa Quant Fund 2xL  0.11 %  -0.58 % -14.99 %
Alfa Saga Fund N/A % -0.79 % -0.04 %
Alfa Sigma Opportunities 0.00 % 0.66 % 2.49 %

Alfa Aktiv


Alfa Aktiv is a fundamental hedge fund that invests in stock indices in Sweden (OMX) and globally. The exposure towards the indices varies from 0-200 % and the fund is denominated i SEK. The fund manager is Bengt Lindblad.

Alfa Axiom Fund


Alfa Axiom Fund is a quantitative trend-following hedge fund that focuses on trading financial futures contracts listed on global futures exchanges. The underlying asset classes are commodities, stock indexes, interest-related instruments and currencies.

Alfa Quant Fund


Alfa Quant Fund is a multi-strategy fund that invests in Alfakraft’s single strategies. The Fund’s objective is to achieve a sustained high risk-adjusted return. In addition, the Fund seeks a low correlation with traditional asset classes in order to provide a tool for diversification in a portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Alfa Quant Fund 2xL


Alfa Quant Fund 2xL is a leveraged version of Alfa Quant Fund. The Fund’s objective is to provide investors a multi-strategy fund with medium risk.

Alfa Saga Fund


Alfa Saga Fund is a quantitative hedge fund that invests globally with a focus on investments in stock indexes, interest-related instruments and currencies as the underlying assets.

Alfa Sigma Opportunities


Alfa Sigma Opportunities